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Hardness Conversion Chart

Brinell Hardness Test:

This is the oldest hardness test method frequently used today to determine the hardness of iron and steel castings and forgings that have a grain structure too coarse for Rockwell or Vickers testing. The test was invented in Sweden in 1900 by Dr. J. A. Brinell and follows ASTM E10 / ISO 6506 standards.

Rockwell Hardness Test:

Invented by Stanley P. Rockwell, this test allows the user to perform accurate hardness tests on a variety of different sized parts in just a few seconds. The Rockwell test follows ASTM E18 Metals, ISO 6508 Metals, and ASTM D785 Plastics standards.

Vickers Hardness Test:

Originally called the Diamond Pyramid Hardness test, the Vickers test was invented in 1925 in England. This test covers all testing requirements with its two distinct force ranges of micro and macro. Vickers values are generally test force independent. Vickers follows ASTM E384, ASTM E92, and ISO 6507 standards.


Hardness and Case Depth Chart

This chart is a general guide. Hardness and case depth's may vary depending on the flame hardening technique used and actual chemistry of the material.

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