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Serving the steel, mining, railroad, machine-tool, automotive, and other varied industries, Penna Flame Industries has been meeting your diverse surface hardening needs since 1968.

You will experience ideal communication that is responsive to your needs.  You can expect the highest level of quality and repeatability when you trust us with your products.  We are always aiming to exceed your expectations!

Our average turnaround is 4-6 business days but this could vary depending upon the process required. For more specific turnaround times, based on the process required, please refer to each individual page: Flame HardeningRobotic HardeningAdded ManufacturingFurnaces/Cryogenics, or contact a member of our customer service team.

Contact us and let us know how we can meet the specific requirements of your job. Our sales team is ready to discuss your surface hardening requirements today.


Meet Our Sales and Customer Service Team...

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Andrew P. Orr - Vice President

Andrew has dedicated most of his life to working at Penna Flame. At a young age he performed janitorial duties as well as outdoor maintenance. In High School, Andrew was trained in flame hardening which would become the topic of his senior project. While on breaks from earning his Bachelor of Science in Business Management, Andrew worked in the shop further progressing his knowledge of flame hardening with different machines and processes.

Upon graduation, Andrew took on a full-time role as Safety and Quality Control Manager. He was able to apply his technical knowledge of flame hardening and business degree to establish and maintain quality of production. He would later move into a sales and customer service role where he interfaced with customers from the quoting process to ultimate completion of the job.

Andrew now serves as Vice President and is still very much an active sales and customer service representative but has taken a larger role in setting strategy and executing on initiatives that will help Penna Flame succeed far into the future.

During his time away from work, you may find Andrew on a golf course or snowboarding on a mountain, depending on the season.
Cara L. Marquardt - Customer Operations Associate

More info coming soon.
Kendra A. Werner - Customer Relationship Specialist

Kendra really enjoys working with our customers. She is one of several people who answer the phones so she may be the first person our customers talk to. Kendra wants to be sure they know she is there to help!

Kendra has been with the Penna Flame for 8 years and her current position is Customer Relationship Specialist. The title suits her perfectly because she assists with almost every aspect of a project. Kendra processes orders, schedules projects, monitors job flow, problem solves issues, schedules deliveries, and anything else that needed to get the project done.

Kendra feels that her interpersonal, organizational, and problem-solving skills help facilitate projects through the company. In today’s fast-paced business environment, customers need their jobs more quickly than ever before, and she works diligently to make that happen.

Prior to Penna Flame, Kendra worked at Verizon Wireless for seven years in Technical Support. She has an Associate’s Degree in Biological Science from the Community College of Beaver County.

Outside of work, Kendra enjoys competing with horses, volleyball, and skiing, and most importantly, spending time with her husband and two children.
Laura L. Bennett - Customer Service Manager

Our customers are Laura’s first priority and that’s what makes her job so rewarding. When they call, she most likely will be their first contact to Penna Flame so Laura wants to give them a warm, friendly welcome that represents the family-type environment we have here. She really enjoys chatting with customers we’ve had for many years… they are like old friends.

There are quite a few people who’ve been with the company for a long time. Laura is one of them. She has been with Penna Flame for over 25 years and is currently Customer Service Manager. Her responsibilities include answering incoming calls, processing orders, scheduling shipping arrangements, answering questions and managing the accounts receivables. Laura continually strives to facilitate a customer’s order from the time it comes into the company until it ships and is out the door. Sometimes this requires a lot of juggling which she is very good at…ensuring that all of our customers’ needs are met on time and to their specifications.

Prior to Penna Flame, Laura worked at a transportation company for several years in the Zelienople area where she grew up. She still lives in the area on a 60-acre piece of property with Dan, two horses and two dogs. She enjoys camping with their horses and reading.
Michael J. Orr - Vice President

Mike Orr started his career at Penna Flame at a young age as a master of the custodial arts. This profession lasted for many years as he continued to work in other areas of the company such as maintenance, tool building, shipping, oven operations, and machine operations. He also had a summer internship during college in the Sales Department with the President, his father Jim Orr. In 2009, Mike committed to Penna Flame full time to learn and upgrade the robotics division. Over the next four years, the company went from one robot to three and added auxiliary servo tables and sensors to make our robotics hardening division unmatched in the heat treating industry.

In 2015, Mike handed over the reins of the robots to Bert Vogt and his robotics team in order to start helping with large machine operations, scheduling, process controls, and employee management. Over the past two years, Mike has also contributed to our Customer Service and Sales Departments. His typical day includes scheduling maintenance, training, and the hours it takes to perform jobs on all machines. Additionally, Mike reviews order details and pricing. Most importantly, Mike answers any questions that are brought to his attention due to the open door policy.

Mike has worked in all areas of the manufacturing part of Penna Flame and he is excited to be an asset to our customers when he is needed, therefore, please feels free to reach out to him. Mike strives to deliver the best quality and value in our parts to our customers on time!

Mike’s hobbies include spending time with his family, traveling, surfing, and snowboarding. He tries to make it to the beach and the mountains at least once a year so he doesn’t lose his skills. Mike and his wife had their first child in September of 2020 so they are enjoying the learning experiences of parenthood.

Jim Orr Takes Gavel as 2023 MTI President

Penna Flame has been an active member of the Metal Treating Institute for over three decades. Read the full story.


New robotic induction machine hardening a part to our
customer's specific requirements.

State-of-the-Art Robotics

Offers Precision, Reliability,

And Quick Turnaround!

"Introducing robots allowed us to handle projects of various sizes and quantities quicker and more cost-effectively than ever before!"
- James P. Orr, President

Penna Flame leads the industry in using advanced robotics capabilities to precisely and consistently flame harden or induction harden steel parts to your specifications This process improves wear resistance and increases the longevity of the part. Plus, by using robotic flame hardening and our newest advanced robotic induction hardening, we can turn around your high-quantity project faster than ever before, while maintaining consistency throughout the run and saving you money on your bottom line in the process!

Here's How We Can Meet Your Surface Hardening Needs

Flame Hardening


We offer progressive, spin, and progressive spin flame hardening, which provide quick, economical and selective hardening of your parts to ensure increased wear resistance and longer life.  We have the latest temperature measuring equipment and five large ovens that are capable of heating / stress relieving parts up to 1,250ºF. These ovens, coupled with digital recording technology, ensure complete accuracy and traceability.

Robotic Flame Hardening


Our computerized robotic surface hardening systems have revolutionized the surface hardening industry! Our advanced robots, coupled with programmable index tables, provide an automation system that helps decrease production time while maintaining the highest quality in precision surface hardening. Typical applications include rings, complex gears, bearing assembiles and high volume production orders.

Robotic Induction Hardening


Penna Flame brings you a new generation of robotic induction surface hardening applications that utilizes the principle of electromagnetic induction to heat the surface layer of a part and harden it to your specific requirements. This new process enables us to handle larger volume runs faster and more cost-effectively than ever before and you get the same precision and reliabilty as with our other flame hardening processes!

Added Manufacturing


Our computerized robotic surface hardening systems have revolutionized the surface hardening industry! Our advanced robots, coupled with programmable index tables, provide an automation system that helps decrease production time while maintaining the highest quality in precision surface hardening. Typical applications include rings, complex gears, bearing assembiles and high volume production orders.